On Saturday July 22nd the Eating Disorders Association (EDA) and the Queensland Eating Disorder Service will present Fostering Recovery, a one day workshop to provide carers with information and strategies.  Fostering Recovery also known as the Family Skills Group has been developed by Professor Janet Treasure and her colleagues at King’s College London Maudsley Hospital.  If you are a caring for a loved one with an eating disorder and are interested in the following:

  • understanding more about eating disorders and ways to support recovery
  • learning practical helpful communication skills
  • developing positive coping strategies
  • increasing your confidence and ability to support your loved one through recovery
  • identifying self care opportunities
  • fostering a healthier relationship with your loved one

Call us on 07  3077 7320 for further information or  to register your details.

  • 6 follow up group coaching sessions will be available over the next couple for those who are attending the one day workshop.skills based learning