About The Eating Disorders Association

Our Mission

The Eating Disorders Association Inc. (Qld) aims to improve the intervention, education and support for all people affected by eating disorders.

It aims to raise community awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of these disorders, and to work toward the prevention of eating disorders in our society.

Our Philosophy

The Eating Disorders Association Inc. (Qld) is a non-discriminatory and non-profit organisation which believes in providing a service to people of different ages, gender and cultures.

This Association holds the belief that eating disorders are complex, multifaceted illnesses which require a multidimensional approach to care and support.

We believe that people with eating disorders and their families should be treated with compassion and dignity and should be included in all levels of service.

The EDA Inc. (Qld) believes in the acceptance of all body types and sizes, and the value of people as whole beings.

Our Story

In 1993, the Queensland Association for Mental Health established a support group for carers of people suffering from an eating disorder which then became the ‘Eating Disorders Association Incorporated’ (EDA Inc.).  

In 1994, a decision was made by this group to lobby Queensland Health for funding to establish an Eating Disorders Resource Centre as the demand for information and support for those suffering from and caring for individuals with an eating disorder grew.

In 1996 the EDA (Inc) received government funding which aided in the establishment and incorporation of the Eating Disorders Association Resource Centre (EDARC).

The EDA Inc began to provide referral, information and support for people living with eating disorders in Queensland and their carers.  The Queensland Minister for Health opened the centre in April 1996.  In 2014 the EDA and The Eating Issues Centre (formerly Isis) received funding from Queensland Health to provide services to individuals and their carers living with eating disorders. 

The Eating Disorders Association Inc. currently works predominantly with carers providing referral, counselling support, education and training.